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A holistic Human Capital Platform fueled by advanced research, optimized processes, and the synergy of two industry-leading search companies.

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Through a dynamic collaboration forged between two distinguished platforms specializing in Life Science talent acquisition, we proudly present an extensive array of services. The birth of Project Evolution arises from the synergistic partnership between two industry pacesetters, namely Berke Executive Search and GTS Scientific. This combined endeavor bestows the ability upon forward-looking enterprises to effortlessly secure top-tier talent, facilitating a smooth and continuous workforce expansion that spans from the ground level to pivotal C-Suite and Board Assignments.

Our unified platform caters to clients across all stages of growth, offering a tailor-made framework that flexibly adjusts to their specific requirements. This capability is fueled by Project Evolution's cutting-edge research prowess. In today's competitive talent landscape, the knowledge of precisely where to target talent plays a pivotal role in assisting clients in locating the human capital necessary for propelling innovation. Through our platform, this expertise becomes readily accessible. 


The Project Evolution Advantage

Match Making Approach: Talent Acquisition through a Human-Centered Lens

At Project Evolution, we redefine talent acquisition with a human-centered approach that prioritizes fit over mere placement. Our platform is dedicated to crafting lasting connections between companies and candidates, emphasizing a match-making philosophy. Remarkably, our average placement remains employed by the client even 18 months after their initial engagement.

Efficient Economics & Timely Results

While offering some of the industry's most competitive pricing, Project Evolution's efficiency is not a compromise on superiority. We excel in swiftly filling vacant roles for our clients at a lower cost than competitors, a testament to our commitment to delivering value.

Unrivaled Market Intelligence for Strategic Talent Acquisition

Recognizing that top talent often isn't actively seeking new opportunities, we leverage unmatched market intelligence to identify prime entry points. Our research prowess gives us a distinct advantage over other firms, guiding us to precisely where top talent resides across all professional levels.

Boutique and Nimble Advantage

As a boutique solution, we boast fewer non-competes, enabling us to draw talent from a broader spectrum of competitors—an advantage often undisclosed by larger firms. Our nimble approach allows us to be agile in meeting diverse talent needs.

End-to-End Capabilities for Diverse Role Fulfillment

Through a pioneering collaboration between Berke Search and GTS, Project Evolution stands out for its end-to-end capabilities, seamlessly filling roles ranging from manufacturing tech to the C-suite. Our extensive experience supports some of the industry's most innovative companies in securing the talent crucial for innovation and execution.

Partner-Driven Excellence

Project Evolution provides tailored solutions, partnering closely with clients to navigate project dynamics. Our focus on innovation ensures adaptable strategies that evolve with unique needs, offering a commitment to excellence and anticipating future challenges. As a reliable partner, we contribute to sustained success and growth.


About our Partners.

Berke Executive Search boasts an extensive history of successfully aiding cutting-edge scientific organizations in making pivotal strategic hires, ranging from Board placements to C-Suite and functional leaders. Our overarching objective in each engagement is to elevate the recruitment process by securing candidates who align seamlessly with the organization's needs. The foundation of our highly specialized practice rests on precision and accuracy, ensuring that every placement contributes significantly to the client's success.

Berke Executive Search

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GTS Scientific, a leading life science-focused recruiting firm, excels in both RPO and Contingent searches, having effectively collaborated with numerous clients across the biotech, pharma, and medical device sectors to rapidly and efficiently fulfill key positions. The organization is defined by a dynamic, skilled, and hard-working team, boasting years of collective expertise within the recruiting industry. Their commitment to excellence positions GTS Scientific as a reliable and trusted partner for clients seeking top-tier talent.


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Recent Case Studies

An all-encompassing Human Capital Solution designed to yield superior results, providing a holistic approach to workforce management. Explore our success stories through our case studies, showcasing real-world applications and demonstrating the transformative impact of our services.

35 mid-level positions for a pioneering CAR-T Immuno Oncology company.

Cell Therapy

Gene Therapy

12 Senior to Mid-Level assignments for an industry-leading Gene Therapy company

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