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How Does Project Evolution Work?

We are a full-service solution powered by two industry-leading Life Science talent acquisition platforms. Project Evolution is the result of multiple successful partnerships between Berke Executive Search and GTS Scientific. The time-tested alliance enables pioneering organizations to retain top talent and scale their human capital quickly and efficiently. Our integrated platform services customers at all stages by providing a customized service structure that is adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

How PE Works: About

Human Capital Services

Project Evolution is a True End-to-End Human Capital Platform.

Executive Search

Project Evolution's Executive Search platform helps companies build superior leadership teams, focusing on C-level and Functional leadership-level roles. Our robust platform expedites clients' hiring process and ultimately matches the right talent to help our clients execute and innovate. Our goal is to successfully complete your executive search within 90 days or less.

Traditional Recruiting 

Innovative search platform that works with some of Life Science's leading organizations to help them secure the RIGHT Human Capital. Each engagement is customized to the needs of our client.

Recruit Process Outsourcing

Scalable and customizable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions that provide measurable results at every step of the hiring process for staffing build-outs of any size or scope.

DNA Strand
How PE Works: In the Press

Berke Executive Search

Berke Executive Search has a long track record of assisting cutting-edge Scientific organizations with key strategic hires including Board placements, C-Suite, and function leaders. In every engagement, our goal is to enhance the recruitment process and secure candidates who are the right fit for the organization. Precision and accuracy are cornerstones of our highly specialized practice.

GTS Scientific

GTS Scientific is a life science-focused recruiting firm that specializes in both RPO and Contingent searches. The organization has worked with multiple clients across the biotech, pharma, and med device space to fill positions quickly and efficiently. GTS Scientific is a dynamic, skilled, hard-working group of individuals with years of expertise in the recruiting industry.

How PE Works: In the Press

Case Studies

A Full-Service Solution That Delivers Superior Results.

Cell Therapy

35 mid-level positions for a pioneering CAR-T Immuno Oncology company.

Gene Therapy

Twelve Senior to Mid-Level assignments for an industry-leading Gene Therapy company spun out of Dr. Wilson’s renowned Gene Therapy Program

How PE Works: Employers
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