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Coming 2023

To help create more opportunities for the ever-changing life science sector. Our pilot program will help clients strategize, develop, and execute unique workforce development programs with local resources, including community colleges, technical institutes, high schools, and other resources. Our customized engagements are collaborative solutions that aim to help alleviate and grow the workforce. Our clients benefit greatly by tapping into resources that are disconnected and underutilized. Built on our deep understanding and network, we seek partners looking for creative solutions to securing highly skilled, trained, and engaged human capital. 

  • Animal Techs

  • BioManufacturing Techs (Upstream & Downstream)

  • Cell Culture Techs

  • Microbiologist

  • Chemistry Quality Control Techs

  • Clinical Research Associates

  • Compliance Associatetes 

  • Facility Techs

  • Instrumentation / Calibration Techs

  • Lab Techs
  • Process Development Techs
  • QA and QC Techs
  • Tech Service Representatives

How Workforce+ Works?

Identify. Implement. Retain.

Our consultant services are customized to each engagement that we work on. Instead of hiring a full-time coordinator that is also very hard to come by, engage Project Evolution to help Identify, Implement and Retain a workforce leveraging local, regional, and national resources and education incentives. Our industry is amidst unprecedented growth, which has fueled one of the economy's most fierce talent wars, specifically for entry-level work. Project Evolution helps its partners innovate and rethink positions by tapping and connecting to disconnected and unconventional resources. 

  • Identify - Strategic assessment.

    • Assess the land space for talent creation locally, regionally, and nationally. 

    • Create a strategic plan for partners and relevant stakeholders to 

    • Begin talks with Gov't and relevant agencies to assess the willingness and ability to help the project come to fruition.

  • Implement - Project Management

    • Tax and Government Grant coordination, application, and compliance.​

    • Work with partners and relevant stakeholders to implement talent acquisition and training programs.

  • Retain - On-going Service​

    • We work with partners on-ongoing basis to create a retention network through education, incentives, career planning, and motivation resources. 

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