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Case Studies

A Full-Service Solution That Delivers Superior Results.

Our collaborative platform marries Executive and Contingent search to help companies ramp up hiring quickly and efficiently. We recently concluded 17 Senior to Mid-Level assignments for an industry-leading Gene Therapy company spun out of Dr. Wilson’s renowned Gene Therapy Program and 35 mid-level positions for a pioneering CAR-T Immuno Oncology company. Check out our case studies below.

DNA Strand

Gene Therapy

Project Evolution worked with one of Gene Therapy's most pioneering companies spun out of Dr. Jim Wilson's renowned Gene Therapy Program. We helped our client scale and retain 13 Senior to Mid-Level Executives.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Cell Therapy

Our Precision Process enabled us to hire and scale hiring for a leading T-cell Immunotherapy organization company. We partnered with our client to retain 34 people to power mission-critical operations including Biometrics, Quality / Regulatory, and Manufacturing.

Case Studies: Clients
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