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Our Life Science Hubs

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The recent developments within Project Evolution's Life Science Hubs showcase a deliberate focus on emerging and promising hubs. Our strategic selection process has pinpointed the most promising locations, ensuring that the latest advancements in life sciences are at the forefront of innovation. Stay tuned for updates as these up-and-coming hubs become epicenters of groundbreaking research, fostering collaboration and driving the evolution of life sciences.

Check Out Our Exciting Hubs:


North Carolina


Under Construction



Under Construction

Under Construction


North Carolina

Since January 2022, North Carolina has witnessed remarkable growth in its life science sector, with 39 companies announcing expansions or relocations, resulting in the creation of over 3,500 new jobs, as reported by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Among the notable developments, Pfizer initiated a $500 million expansion in Sanford to enhance gene therapy production, while Eli Lilly invested $450 million in expanding its Research Triangle Park pharmaceutical manufacturing campus, adding over 100 jobs. The state's prowess is evident in its fifth-ranking position in NIH funding, securing 4,612 awards totaling $3.482 billion. Noteworthy advancements include ProKidney's announcement of a $485 million manufacturing facility in Greensboro by 2027, expected to employ up to 330 individuals. North Carolina has also demonstrated a surge in venture capital funding, climbing to the sixth position in 2022 and maintaining a strong position with $844.867 million in funding for Q1-Q2 2023, marking a significant leap from the previous year. With over 75,000 jobs in the sector and substantial lab space, North Carolina remains a key player in the life sciences, positioning itself as a thriving hub for innovation and research.

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