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Project Evolution

The Solution to Science's Most Pressing People Problems


What is Project Evolution?

Project Evolution is a premier, proven, industry-leading alliance powered by Berke Executive Search and GTS Scientific’s capabilities and competencies. Project Evolution’s pioneering end-to-end capabilities bridge Executive and Contingent placement and enables Life Science organizations of all sizes the ability to secure highly specialized talent quickly and efficiently. Our customized service structure is adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.  Project Evolution’s collaborative platform has deep experience and expertise working with groundbreaking scientific organizations.

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To propel Science Forward By Helping Pioneering Organizations Retain and Secure the Talent Required to Innovate, Scale and Thrive.


A Full-Service Solution Powered by Two Industry-Leading Talent Acquisition Firms

Project Evolution is the result of multiple successful partnerships between Berke Executive Search and GTS Scientific. The time-tested alliance enables pioneering organizations to retain top talent and scale their human capital quickly and efficiently. Our integrated platform services customers at all stages, by providing a customized service structure that is adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.


Berke Executive Search

Berke Executive Search has a long track record of assisting cutting-edge Scientific organizations with key strategic hires including Board placements, C-Suite, and function leaders. In every engagement, our goal is to enhance the recruitment process and secure candidates who are the right fit for the organization. Precision and accuracy are cornerstones of our highly specialized practice.

GTS Scientific

GTS Scientific is a life science-focused recruiting firm that specializes in both RPO and Contingent searches. The organization has worked with multiple clients across the biotech, pharma, and med device space to fill positions quickly and efficiently. GTS Scientific is a dynamic, skilled, hard-working group of individuals with years of expertise in the recruiting industry.



Project Evolution partners with organizations of all sizes to retain and secure the talent required to break the boundaries of Science. We have deep expertise and experience working with cutting-edge Life Science, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical organizations.

Biotech & Biopharma

  • Cell Therapy

  • Gene Therapy

  • Gene-editing / Crispr

  • Small Molecule

  • Vaccine

  • mRNA

  • ADC

  • MAb


  • Big Pharma

  • Speciality Pharma

  • API

  • Generics

  • Injectables

  • Ophthalmic 

Supporting Services

  • CDMOs

  • CROs

  • Diagnostic Testing 

  • Next-Generation Sequencing


Functional Expertise 

We have deep experience in retaining and securing top talent across functional groups. Check out some of Project Evolution's core compantanties below.

Research & Development

Medical & Clinical

Computational Biology & Biometrics

Regulatory Affairs

Operations & Facility Management

Manufacturing & Tech Ops

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Program Management


Case Studies

A Full-Service Solution That Superior Delivers Results.

Our collaborative platform marries Executive and Contingent search to help companies ramp up hiring quickly and efficiently. We recently concluded 17 Senior to Mid-Level assignments for an industry-leading Gene Therapy company spun out of Dr. Wilson’s renowned Gene Therapy Program and 35 mid-level positions for a pioneering CAR-T Immuno Oncology company. Check out our case studies below.


Gene Therapy

Project Evolution worked with one of Gene Therapy's most pioneering companies spun out of Dr. Jim Wilson's renowned Gene Therapy Program. We helped our client scale and retain 13 Senior to Mid-Level Executives.

Cell Therapy

Our Precision Process enabled us to hire and scale hiring for a leading T-cell Immunotherapy organization company. We partnered with our client to retain 34 people to power mission-critical operations including Biometrics, Quality / Regulatory, and Manufacturing.


Project Evolution Proudly Supports the Emily Whitehead Foundation 

The Emily Whitehead Foundation is a non-profit organization that Tom and Kari Whitehead established after their daughter Emily was the first pediatric patient enrolled in a Phase I clinical trial for the highly experimental CAR-T cell therapy. After her successful treatment in April 2012, Emily became the first child in the world to have her immune system trained to fight cancer. Today she is nine years cancer-free! 

The Whitehead family created the Emily Whitehead Foundation to support and fund innovative pediatric cancer immunotherapy research and provide resources for families in need of hope for their children.  To help the vital work of the Emily Whitehead Foundation, our mission-centered Joint Venture will contribute/donate to EWF for all business generated under the Project Evolution collaboration.


Advanced Therapies Updates

In a Fast-Moving Industry, Stay Up-to-Date on the Happenings. To the Point, our Monthly Newsletter is Curated for People who do not Have Much Time.

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Our Research

We pride ourselves on being a research-intensive organization. Check out some of the latest reports.


Greater Boston Advanced Therapies Biomanufacturing Capacity Analysis


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North Carolina Advanced Therapies Biomanufacturing Capacity Analysis



Maryland Advanced Therapies Biomanufacturing Analysis



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