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Project Evolution.

The World's First Human Capital Joint Venture Designed to Solve Life Science and Pharma's Biggest People Problems

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An end-to-end Human Capital Platform, powered by cutting-edge research, streamlined processes, and collaboration between two industry-leading search companies. It dynamically evolves with scientific advancements and the changing needs of our partners.

We Proudly Support
the Emily Whitehead Foundation 


The Emily Whitehead Foundation is a non-profit organization that Tom and Kari Whitehead established after their daughter Emily was the first pediatric patient enrolled in a Phase I clinical trial for the highly experimental CAR-T cell therapy. After her successful treatment in April 2012, Emily became the first child in the world to have her immune system trained to fight cancer. Today she is nine years cancer-free! 

The Whitehead family created the Emily Whitehead Foundation to support and fund innovative pediatric cancer immunotherapy research and provide resources for families in need of hope for their children.  To help the vital work of the Emily Whitehead Foundation, our mission-centered Joint Venture will donate to EWF for all business generated under the Project Evolution collaboration.

For More Information or to Partner with Project Evolution
Contact Bryan Kennedy at

Leveraging unparalleled market intelligence, we've spearheaded the industry's first full-service talent solution. This groundbreaking initiative is the result of a dynamic partnership between two leading players in Life Science talent acquisition: Berke Executive Search and GTS Scientific. Introducing Project Evolution, our innovative brainchild designed to empower forward-thinking enterprises by seamlessly securing top-tier talent. This collaborative platform is intricately crafted to help companies match with the right human capital, driving innovation and execution. Due in part to the synergistic partnership of these two firms, Project Evolution enables rapid scalability, ensuring swift and effective responses to the evolving needs of our clients.

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